Sunday, August 15, 2010

Universal Conscience

Dear All,
I wanted to share my thoughts on levels of consciousness I have come to understand through several experiences in my life so far. I am going to explain these states of consciousness I have experienced, most of us would have also experieneced these states to some extent.

If we imagine levels of consciousness in a linear way,

At one end is absolute unconscience
closest to this end is extreme sub consciousness (absolute ignorance)
midpoint is consciousness (awakened state)
closer to the other end is super consciousness (absolute enlightenment)
at the other end is supreme conscience.

These states can be explained with an equation of s=bm2, (soul (conscience), body, mind) that I have put together in the Theory of everything.

Absolute unconscience is the state of body with out awareness of soul or conscience.

Realm of subconscious is governed by pride, jealousy, greed, gluttony, suspicion, anger, obsession, addiction, fear and so forth. In this state, the intellect or mind of the being is subdued and the being experiences more bodily presence. Excessive non vegetarian food, excessive alcohol and drugs are the dietary habits of this group. Extreme examples of sub conscious beings are Dictators, War lords, Maniacs, psychos...This state of existence is all about taking and is violent like volcano.

Conscious state is governed by love, compassion and contentment. This state is middle ground where all the attributes for existence are sustained and controlled and is a peaceful state. In this state the intellect or the mind of the being is balanced and aware of its body and soul. Moderate consumption of food, very limited consumption of alcohol are the dietary habits of this group. Beings in this state experience happiness, sorrow and peace. This state can be attained by many of us if we just change our habits.

Super Conscious state is the state of divine beings like Krishna, Moses, Jesus Christ, Shirdi Sai Baba, Lord Buddha, Mohammed Prophet, Guru Nanak, RamaKrishna Paramahamsa, Dada Bhagwan and many more great spiritual people. In this state mind is fully realized of its soul and very limited bodily experience remains. This is the highest state possible for conscious human beings and is pure love and compassion and is absolutely peaceful. This state is very highly sustainable energy state like our sun. The beings in this state are all about giving. Very simple vegetarian diet and no consumption of alcohol is the dietary precursor for this state. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, altruistic scientists, phliosophers, doctors who are constantly working for the greater good of the world also have elevated consciouness.

Final state of Consiousness is Supreme conscience or God or Allah or Paramatma, this state is beyond matter and energy but is the source of it all. This state is absolute soul and there is no body or mind. Super Conscious beings come to being from Supreme conscience to serve humanity and when they are done they become supreme conscience again.

In S=bm2, Soul or Conscience or God is the universal constant and is omni present, omni scient, and omni potent. Perception of this universal constant is the only variable between all things else. It is this difference in perception of this constant, is the universe we see. I have classified things and beings based up on their perception. It is the inherent nature of human beings to try and attain the absolute perception of this universal conscience or God. This universal conscience or Soul or God is everywhere as it is in everything and nothing as it is not a thing.

Sub Conscious materializes
conscious experiences
Super Conscious energizes

Sub Conscious has definite spacetime
conscious has finite spacetime
Super conscious has infinite spacetime

Sub conscious ignores the truth
conscious searches for the truth
Super conscious realizes the truth

Sub conscious divides
conscious is
Super Conscious unites

Sub conscious blames
conscious bears
Super conscious resolves

Extreme sub consciousness leads to absolute unconscience or permanent death or eternal black hole.

Conscious individuals will lead peaceful lives
and will result in conscious socieities and eventually peaceful world.

Super consciousness leads to absolute enlightenment or eternal peace or Supreme conscience or immortality or infinity.

As I wondered where do the animals and plants on this planet fit in this scale, I can see that animal kingdom is just below the mid point of consciousness but not too far from it and plant kingdom is above the conscious mid point.

Animal kingdom though governed by some attributes of subconscious state such as fear of survival, desire for reproduction these attributes are under control and sustained by mother nature. Hence their state of existence does not lead to chaos on this planet.

Plant kingdom is governed by the attributes of super consciousness and hence it is all about giving food, shelter and medicine to other beings and are just doing the duty and being fully aware of their existence. As beings in this state have deemed the need for sensory perception as irrelevant, this state of beings do not have full fledged sensory receptors. Greatest of spiritual teachers have attained enlightenment in presesnce of these beings.

We have been doing cycles of existence at different levels of consciousness via
birth [first moment of consciouness] and death [brief moment of unconsciouness].
We have developed a system of credit history which tracks the behaviour of an individual finances and gives one certain capabilities to borrow and acquire certain material things in our society. Can any one individual remember exactly all that he has spent over past few months, let alone the entire life. So can one not remember their past lives, but are given this current form based up on the sum total of the actions and reactions that have occurred during the course of one's previous existence. This is called "Karma" philosophy. As humans we have the capability to understand and experience these different states of consciousness, we are gifted beings. Human life is a chance to realize these different states of existence and work towards the ultimate state of supreme conscience. As critical mass of us lean towards sub conscious state, the balance gets disturbed and chaos will set in. We all know the effects of deforestation. As the worlds balance tips off towards the sub conscious, world becomes chaotic and people will start to experience its ill effects. This is when supreme conscience will arise to restore the balance on this planet in one way or another.



  1. Thank you for writing this. It was exactly what i was searching for! Food and consciousness are inextricably linked to form a holy alliance on the path toward truth.

  2. This is a great find for me. I feel at peace for some reason. Thank you.

    1. I am glad that I could help you find peace with in.


  3. Super conscious unites, energizes, resolves....amazing description. I see that you see, and Know that you Know. You have a beautiful Way with Words, my friend. All is in balance, always has been, always will be. The shadow we see getting darker and darker is the effect of the approaching light of Supreme consciousness getting closer and closer. "The darker the Shadow, the brighter the light." The "great and terrible day of the Lord" "The beginning and the end" Nuclear destruction and Mass Enlightenment, happen simultaneously. I've seen it in Vision. Cause and Effect. Self-destruction and self realization. Quicken the one, you quicken the other. Death is inevitable. So is the Awakening. Good and Bad destroy one another. Beyond the simultaneous explosions, after a brief dip in Nothing, a Door opens, a Brave New World awaits...beyond Duality. I saw A beautiful city on a bay, The Gods Returned, Free Energy, Physical Immortality, Phones that can teleport you halfway around the world...We're going (coming?) HOME soon. Mission almost accomplished. It was a fun ride, yes?

    1. Yes indeed, you have wonderfully put the dualistic nature of our relative reality and in the end it all merges back in to singularity.


  4. This is an interesting concept of reality. I have all my life had a Pantheistic(?) view to life and many of the like relates our existence only to the structural reality of a mechanistic manner of existence.. atheistic beliefs (if you understand a term!) When we consider your remarks about the level of consciousness then are we experience the synaptic interconnection of billions of interrelated neurones and their pathways of connection which our living brain processes and interprets as forms of consciousness? Or is the very ability to process this information the challenge of neural pathways and our manifestation of our reality towards consciousness? Are we still on track? I was listening to Paul Hawken who told us that the number of interactive actions in the biochemical pathways in our human body (alone) amounted to the number of planets in the (known) universe. Imagine when we arrive at a critical mass in a nuclear fission reaction - we all understand what the reaction produces! Have we entered the very interactive reality of the critical mass theory of integrating the electrochemical energy which exists in the human body in relationship to coalescing in the neural pathways; biochemical energy is used owing to it being the only biophysical pathway available in hominoid primates (us)...but this obviously can have reality in any higher organisms which exhibits (as far) as we know sentient consciousness...without which an understanding of life and death is meaningless and all other organisms do not have this concern (so far as we able to understand).

    If the consciousness of sentient beings coalesces in an electromagnetic field around such organisms (are we still here) therefore could further experimentation identify that there could be a natural pathway where such a "spiritual pathway" exists (the critical mass factor), being assimilated on the termination of biological life to a form of spirit life...where the consciousness is an actual physical entity, such is as thought of by quantum mechanics in its description of time....If this is the case then watch this space.

    Pantheism believes that the cycle of life in the material cycles means that all beings are recreated and in one way which in this manner may be one reality....but it makes an interesting thought.

    In one way I was perplexed many years ago when many like me may have been informed by a Consultant Psychiatrist, that a patient of his although still alive left his "body"...supposedly an aspect of his conscious element and visited other areas of the hospital in which he was at that time. This man had no knowledge of detailed anatomy and morphology, and yet he was able to inform the Consultant that he visited an operating theatre and describe the operation in detail describing medical terms in real life he did not understand. The Consultant re-evaluated his understanding of consciousness from that time did I....

    With the point that over 7 billion humans live on our earth and that the neural pathway of all life which have neural pathways as mechanisms for information to be transferred, then there are bright hopes for the idea of super-consciousness. This is the hope is there is one to answer a fundamental question sought by all if one has not direct faith. But I feel we need a living Earth a life giving planet for all its 100 million species which have aspects of or full neural pathways...transference morphology in their bodies (all living things bodies whether one cell or trillions). Without a living Earth as we are currently aware may this not happen....

    Have I opened a can of worms????? I hope so.

    Inspritus Sanctus.....the Sacred Spirit. Maybe this wonderful term has an ultimate reality which we as hominid primates who in the main are not doing a good job on our one and only home need to readdress our direction of relationships....More people = more natural capital consumption - emptying the larder -----the end result???? Even for consciousness?????/

    1. Don't worry be happy, Please see zero = I = infinity , your cup will runneth over again when it empties.