Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nature of Conscience

Now that I realized, I, the conscience is nothing and everything, I wondered what is I? I is full of love. I is omnipresent as it is in everything, I is omnipotent as it is full of love (the power of creation, sustenance and destruction) and I is omniscient as it knows everything. Love is the only absolute force in the universe and it is out of love all creation came to be. Love is boundless and free and that is why conscience is free willed. In the begining there was nothing and suddenly love burst in to that nothing. Love sustains the material universe by another state, peace (consciousness or contentment). Peace is continous and resilient and this is how it forms a sphere around love. Peace condenses love in to matter. These are the only two forces that are sustaining the relativistic universe that we see. Universe is in this eternal dance of love and peace. At the center of peace is love, and the center of love is peace. Imagine love (conscience) as a sphere spreading from a central point of nothing, it will keep flowing outwards until it is satisfied or attains peace (consciouness), after sustaining the peace (conciousness) for some time, which is when love either starts flowing inwards to merge back with itself (depression or death or black hole) at the center or spread beyond unbounded again only to find itself at center of nothing or the starting point(nirvana or enlightenment). This is how love is continuous and resilient and forms a sphere around itself. This is how the sphere of love is sustained. This is the pattern in all forms of material universe, manifested at various levels. All other forces in the universe are relative to this absolute force of love.
Conscience or absolute love comes into action to sustain this sphere of love as Krishna or Moses or Jesus Christ or Lord Buddha or Mohammed Prophet or Guru Nanak or Shirdi Sai Baba or all the great spiritual teachers as and when it feels the necessity to restore the balance in this universe. Mother Teresa is the personification of sphere of love and she represents the love inherent in all loving woman in the world and her actions speak louder than words. If only we can emulate some part of her love, we could acheive heaven on earth.

Love is eternal – Peace is transcendental
Love is infinite – Peace is finite
Love is unconditional – Peace is conditional
Love is absolute – Peace is relative
Love (conscience) is in the heart – Peace is in the mind

All the women are naturally in the state of Love (Krishna conscience)
All the men are naturally in the state of Peace (Datta conscience - Create, Sustain, Destroy)
Man is attracted to a woman to attain Peace
Woman is attracted to a man out of Love
Man searches for the truth only to attain Peace
Woman is aware of the truth and remains in Love
Bhakti or devotion is the natural state of love and is eternal
Mukthi or realization is the natural state of peace and is transcendental.
There is only one exception to the transcendental state of Peace,
To a yogi who has stopped transcending in love, peace is eternal and only this state is absolute like eternal state of the conscience as they are one and the same.

Money, sex, alcohol or any other obession can only give transcendental bliss.
Eating a pie of an apple will make one hungry again.
Love nothing or love everything fully
only pure and unconditional love is liberating
anything else is binding and transcendental.

Blessed are those who can say “I am in Love”.

Best place to start is your inner most self (I)

Love yourself fully
Love your family fully
Love your friends fully
Love your neighbors fully
Love your community fully
Love your country fully
Love your world fully
Love your planet fully
Love your solar system fully
Love your galaxy fully
Love your universe fully

Then you will realize you are in Love with yourself (I or God) fully.

Create a sphere of love (empty space or black hole in scientific terms as science cannot see love as it can only be felt by a soul)
Sustain a sphere of love
Sphere of love will grow and destroy all illusions and will liberate the soul.

As I look back at my understanding of love and peace, I wanted to find a person who can be full of unconditional love in this relativistic world, then I saw my children, they love everything fully and unconditionally. Now I know I is in all the children around the world. Then I realized what we all are yearning for is that pristine state and are dying to get back to that state. I would like to get back to that state of absolute bliss and stay there for ever even if it means immature and unpractical in the relativistic world.

As I wonder how all that I (the conscience) told is the truth but it is so difficult to practice in real life in this age (kali yuga), I realized that all we have to do is pray to the God or Allah (be in absolute love with I, knowing that it is everywhere and in everything) or follow the rules layed out by the messengers of love of our choice (Sai or Krishna or Moses or Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha or Nanak) every night before we sleep and forget (forgive in our case of grown ups) everything else and be in love with that messenger and sleep like babies. Then wake up every morning being in love with that messenger again and continue the day with their message in our heart which will guide us to do the right things through out the day. One day we will all become the messengers of love.

I am a pujari Love is the puja
I am a rabbi Love is the sermon
I am a messenger Love is the Message
I am a prophet Love is the prophecy
I am a scientist Love is the science
I am a doctor Love is the medicine
I love U I loves U

Be in Love to Rest in Peace.


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